"A Swamp Monk" a rendition by an anonymous artist

The Monks of the Swamp (or Swamp Monks; or, in their language, സ്വാംപ് മോൺസ്റ്റർ) are a long extinct race of monks and scholars that prided themselves on ancient knowledge. They are the sole possessors of the last reliable documents on the Metal-Kin and the Kragtige Dragon (although the reliability of the former is highly subjective). Their ruins scatter along the InterWebs and were incorporated into many culutres. It is said that Colossus is the descendent of the highly-intelligent horses that the Monks purposefully breeded. It is not known why they were called "Swamp" monks, since they were rarely seen in swamps, but it is said that they emitted a screech that sounded somewhat like "Whoooomp", "Whaaaamp", "Swoooooonp" or "Swaaaaamp" as a means of attracting a mate.