The Armoured Skeptic

The Armoured Skeptic is the current leader of the Atheist faction (which is composed of several other semi-factions such as "The Drunken Peasants" or freelancers like the Empress JaclynGlenn) and has aided many other members of the Atheist community, such as "The Bible Reloaded". Sir Skeptalot, as he was dubbed by "The Queen" the ruler of the kingdom of the InterWebs. The Armoured Skeptic is a member of a long-dead breed of ancient hermaphrodite god-killers known as the "Metall-Herrscher", currently known as Metal-kin. They reproduce by revealing the interior of their headware, which is locked to the rest of their armour, since they are forged by their ancestors until they are exposed long enough to oxygen and water, that part of the armour returns to it's natural state of  iron(III) oxide-hydroxide (this state is commonly considered by scholars to be the point of Metal-kin maturity).

Little is known about the actual reproduction methods, early accounts written by the Monks of the Swamp (an extinct race of highly intelligent aggregates of mud who dedicated their lives to their great creator the Pasta-Lord) document that after the the Metal-kin removes the head-ware, a blinding light(...)

The Queen

(...) overwhelms an area of about 28.65 meters and impregnates all living beings in that very same zone. Metal-kin are the only documented race to allegedly be able to impregnate every single known being (including super-natural ones). All original Metal-Kin (like ours truly) are born in the Great Forge.

One can donate to the Skeptic's patreon, so that he may meld Atheist steel into his core armour, making him exponentially more power.

His loyal and powerful steed is Colossus.